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Vitra V-care Electric WC

Vitra V-Care ElectricToilet

Vitra V-Care ElectricToilet

On display in our showroom we have the Vitra V-Care electric toilet - the most advanced personal hygiene system available. The remote-controlled V-care WC pan, offers the ultimate in sanitation and comfort with its self-cleaning bidet nozzle, auto open-close, adjustable water temperature, different washing options, air-drying and odor absorption features.

Available in two options; Essential and Comfort

The Comfort option has additional functions and adjustments to suit your personal preferences and
ensure you feel totally pampered, it even senses your approach and opens the seat for you.
All washing features can be personalised to provide the most comfortable temperature and water
pressure for you. The pulsation and oscillating options have an invigorating effect; providing gentle yet
thorough personal cleaning.
You can choose the temperature of the warm air dryer so you can remain completely relaxed and
in control. When you have finished and left the area a sensor will automatically close the toilet seat
completing your V-care Comfort experience.

With an extensive range of V-care features, in the same stylish design as the Comfort option, you can
enjoy a completely hands-free experience using the intuitive remote control.
Adjust the ergonomic seat temperature to make yourself comfortable and alter the jet’s position and
water temperature to get a personalised wash that will leave you feeling clean and refreshed, the air
purifier will also remove any unpleasant odours. All of these features can be operated from the remote
control so there is no need to have to twist or turn during use, you can simply enjoy a new level of
comfort, convenience and personal hygiene.

View Brochure and Technical Details pdf

View Vitra V-CARE Video here.

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